"I couldn't personally recommend black market strength and conditioning enough, when I decided I wanted to become serious about trying to get in shape I seen no other options then the no bull shit, pull no punch, eat or be eaten style of working out. On top of that as a avid blade Technics practitioner his blades and equipment give me the confidence my tools will hold up to the full task at hand. just like his work out regiment these are no bullshit, it gives you the full utilitarian function as well as deadly intent all in a very unique package."  -Rabbit, Nashville TN

"Your work is awesome.  You can tell that you put every bit of your soul into each piece (blade).  Good energy!"   

-Colby Q, Vancouver CA

"Doc makes one hell of a blade.  I have abandoned all my other large fixed blades in lieu of his Battle Blade 5.   I can carry it all day and not even feel it.  But ready at a moments notice.  Quality at a great price, made by a man who lives out and exemplifies his beliefs.  Will buy again.  And again."  

- Nathan H