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"the fire rises....."

“The fire rises...” I have experienced a lot of adversity over the past few months. Some day I will speak about it in greater detail. What I will say about it now, is that this adversity has hardened me to my convictions and to my goals. My training has never been more critical and has been subsequently honed to a fine, aggressive edge. I have formalized my business, Black Market Strength & Conditioning into an LLC to find “work with heart”. My blood tribe has proven its mettle and has persevered.

A lot of people want to post edgy shit, talk about brotherhood, and act like tough guys when things are going easy. Our convictions, training, and bonds of brotherhood are tested in the fire of conflict and adversity. Don’t be the one that can’t pull his own weight, slows down the team, or worse, punks out on his brothers when shit gets real. The only things worse than a being a weakling are being a coward and a traitor. More to come...



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