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The answer to this question may differ from person to person. This is logical and natural but in doesn't subtract from the seriousness of the question itself. Many people train for superficial reasons like "looking good", "getting ready for vacation", "losing a couple of pounds", etc. These goals are not only superficial and hollow, but are usually quickly planned out and are often short-lived. The fact is that your superficial motivation will yield little (if any) real lasting health value. This is apparent by the cyclical influx of gym goers at the begin of the new year. Overweight, lazy zombies who meander into the commercial gym with resolutions and wet noses.

With no powerful goal and no intelligent plan in place, they either stumble through half energy routines or seek the guidance of some "bro" trainer who likely doesn't know shit about health and wellness. The majority of trainers that you encounter in a commercial gym do not have the desire or capability to install total life reform practices into the zombies pathetic lifestyle. An approach of total life reform is required to make powerful, sustainable changes to your personal health and wellness.

When the introspective, disciplined athlete examines his or her goals and motivations, their answers usually come quick and in sharp contrast to the zombies. These are the individuals that you see out in the wild running during blizzards, lifting giant stones, ripping up the track, and sending the weak scurrying in the gym. These individuals are hyper focused and have intelligent goals and plans in place. Not only that, they precisely and efficiently execute these plans despite careers, children, social events, etc. They have the same excuses that the zombies do, they simply do not give a fuck because they place their fitness as an extremely high priority.

Health and fitness is an dynamic, life long pursuit. This pursuit of greatness cannot be undertaken without understanding your relative "why". Having a clear and intelligent appreciation for the who, what, when, where, and why of our training is critical to establish at the beginning. Our actions should possess a great purpose. This is critically true for our personal training and development. Training not only in the physical realm, but also in the mental, emotional, and spiritual realms. Our physical fitness is but the foundation upon which these other aspects of ourselves can and should be developed.

For myself and for my new company "Black Market Strength and Conditioning", the intent, or the "Why" if you will, is to transform ourselves and our clients into legends. We seek to become the greatest versions of ourselves and we will continue to strive towards this goal until we close our eyes at the end of life. We seek to create a legacy that is worthy of song, story, and verse. We hope that we are worthy of the mighty toasts in our memory that our powerful children and ancestors will one day make while standing around tribal fires. These things cannot be achieved if your do not make of yourself a savage, if you do not live a powerful life worth celebrating. Some people ask themselves, "have I made a difference?" or "will I be remembered?", others do not have to ask.

We are athletic, powerful, and beautiful. This is the bounty of our hard work, the early mornings, the pain,

the repetitions. We are citizen warriors that are capable of not just great violence, but of great love. We respect nature and all living creatures. We seek to honor our ancestors and our genetic material through our powerful bodies, keen intellect, and passion. We appreciate that nature is dangerous and that the world is full of inherent conflict. We accept this and prepare ourselves and our tribe accordingly. The universe does not owe anyone anything. We have but this one life to live and the simple question is this, will you be strong or will you be weak; will you be the master or will you be the slave?

What are we training for? We are training to be the masters of our lives. We owe this to ourselves and our tribe. Failure is not an option.

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